Beef and macaroni chili recipe

Beef and macaroni chili recipe (low fat recipes)

Macaroni: 1 cup
Garlic powder: half Tsp
Beef: half lbs
Chili: 1 Tsp (powder)
Salt: 1 Pinch
Pepper: 1 Pinch (ground)
Tomato: 1 Can(soup)
Mozzarella cheese: 1 Oz (15% mf)

Procedures for making Beef and macaroni chili:

First of all cook marconi for 6-7 minutes. Remove all the fats from meat. Add garlic paste, chili powder, pepper and salt and mix it well with meat. Cook throughly for about 5 minutes. Now add tomato soup to it with cooked marconi. Heat it properly till the meat is done. Add grated cheese and heat a bit till cheese melts.
Serve hot.