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This paleò còcònut chicken recipe is perfect if yòu want deliciòus crunchy, strips òf chicken. They’re pretty straightfòrward and ònly require three very simple ingredients. If yòu’re nòt a fan òf còcònut, then yòu might want tò give these a skip as they have a very stròng còcònut flavòr tò them.

Persònally, I enjòy eating these crunchy strips òf chicken with sòme paleò friendly ranch dressing. They alsò gò great with a green salad and a salad dressing such as òlive òil òr the ranch dressing I just mentiòned. They alsò gò well with sòme herby sweet pòtatò fries as a side.

Nòw in this recipe, I fry the chicken strips, but yòu can alsò dò them in the òven instead. If yòu want tò còòk them in the òven, then just check òut my nòtes in the còòking tips sectiòn òn this page.

Yòu can seasòn these with òther seasònings than just salt. I haven’t given it a gò persònally, but sòmething like cayenne, paprika òr even sòme chili flakes might take these còcònut crusted chicken strips tò a whòle new level.

If yòu want tò see hòw tò dò this recipe visually, then be sure tò check òut the videò belòw. It gòes thròugh all the steps tò getting this prepared and còòked up. If yòu lòve the videò, and want tò see mòre then be sure tò subscribe.

Ingredients :
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup shredded còcònut
  • Salt & pepper

Instructiòns :
  1. First, cut the chicken breasts intò strips.
  2. Using a heavy òbject such as the bòttòm òf a pòt òr a meat tenderizer beat the chicken òut until it is an even thickness.
  3. Crack the eggs intò a bòwl.
  4. In a different bòwl, add the shredded còcònut.
  5. Dip the chicken intò the bòwl òf egg and then intò the bòwl òf shredded còcònut.
  6. Repeat until yòu have còated all the chicken strips then place tò the side.
  7. In a pan òver medium heat, add abòut 4 Tbsp. òf còcònut òil.
  8. ònce the òil has heated, add the còated chicken.
  9. Còòk fòr 3-5 minutes òn each side.
  10. ònce gòlden bròwn and the chicken is còòked all the way thròugh, remòve fròm the pan.
  11. Serve & Enjòy
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