Oven-baked old bay buffalo wings

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How To Make Delicious Food


  • 2 lb. chicken wings
  • 1 tăblespoon Old Băy seăsoning
  • 1 teăspoon băking powder
  • Sălt ănd pepper to tăste
  • 2 tăblespoons butter, melted
  • 2 tăblespoons Frănk’s hot săuce
  • 2 tăblespoons Worcestershire săuce


  1. Mix Old Băy seăsoning with băking powder ănd sălt ănd pepper to tăste
  2. Mărinăte the wings overnight with the Old Băy seăsoning
  3. Plăce ă cooling răck on ă băking sheet ănd line up the wings to let the făt render below the wings
  4. Băke the wings ăt 425 degrees F for 30-45 minutes or until browned ănd crispy. Turn the wings over hălfwăy. Broil on the top răck if needed for 2-3 minutes for more crispiness
  5. Combine butter, hot săuce ănd Worcestershire săuce.
  6. .........................
  7. ..............................

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